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10 Questions To Ask A Prospective Landscape Designer

Selecting a landscaper can be tough. Your safety and the quality of a contractor’s work are primary concerns. You want to feel safe at home with strangers working in your yard, and you don’t want your project to take a long time or left unfinished. For these reasons, finding a landscaper you can trust is important. Interview several prospective contractors before deciding on one. Remember, when it comes to your safety and the quality of your project, you shouldn’t make compromises. Use these 10 questions to determine which contractor you should choose.

1. Are you a licensed landscape designer?

Getting a no answer to this question should eliminate the possibility of the landscaper working for you. You want a professional with the necessary knowledge, credentialing and insurance to complete your project.

2. When will my project be complete?

Setting a timeline is important. Find a contractor who can confidently give you an estimated time to completion based on the acquisition of materials, weather forecast and how many people are working the job.

3. Do you make plans before starting a job?

You’ll want to see detailed drawings and an outline of the work to be completed. But, even if your project is small, it is good to know your contractor is prepared with definite objectives.

4. Do you have a portfolio?

You want a contractor with a verifiable work history. Reviewing a portfolio is a great way to ensure you will be hiring someone experienced and capable of doing quality work.

5. How many people will work on my project?

Knowing how many people to expect on your property will give you peace of mind. An answer to this question will also help you determine how long your project should take.

6. What days and hours do you work?

For safety’s sake, find out when to expect people on your property. Ask this to also get a better idea of your project’s timeline.

7. What’s your experience?

If a prospective contractor does not have a portfolio, ask them how many years they have been working. Also, what types of projects they have completed. Ideally, you want a landscaper who has completed a project like yours before.

8. How long do you guarantee your work?

Search for a 2-5 year guarantee. In addition, get warranty information for any individual items to be installed.

9. How much do you charge?

Make sure to get an answer to this upfront. This will help you meet your budget and avoid any surprises.

10. Do you provide continuing maintenance of what you install?

A yes answer to this question will put your mind at ease. You’ll already be familiar with the people who completed your job, and you won’t have to hire another contractor to preserve the quality of your finished project.