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Month: April 2015

10 Questions To Ask A Prospective Landscape Designer

Selecting a landscaper can be tough. Your safety and the quality of a contractor’s work are primary concerns. You want to feel safe at home with strangers working in your yard, and you don’t want your project to take a long time or left unfinished. For these reasons, finding a landscaper you can trust is […]

Don’t Damage Your Home with Your Landscape Design

Get Your Landscape Design Checked by a Professional For most people, living the American dream begins with purchasing a home. Your home represents the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and it acquires equity with every payment you make. You can accumulate equity faster by investing in home improvement. One of the fastest ways to increase […]

Paver Driveway Maintenance

The most attractive entrances to a home are paver driveways. They are made of brick and require little maintenance. If well tended, they last the life of a home. Paver driveways are bold, elegant and give a sense of class and distinction. As each pattern may be unique, no two are the same. These driveways […]