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Month: February 2015

Ways to Divert Downspout Drainage to Protect Your Home

Downspout drainage can be a major source of erosion on your property or your building structure if not controlled. Water run-off from your roof needs to go somewhere. There are many ways to address this issue, and here are some of the best tactics to divert downspout drainage. Downspout Extensions This is the easiest way […]

What is Hardscape Landscape?

Evolution in landscape design has been drastic over the last few years. Landscaping has transformed from just a lawn and flowers to a plant-based art that includes architectural aspects and elements such as glass, metal, concrete and many more. While hardscape may be a comparatively new form of terminology, the inspiration behind it is hardly […]

Solutions for Common Landscape Pest Control in Indiana

Having a great yard is a source of pride for many people. Hours can be spent in mowing, trimming and watering, and some people look forward to the spring just to see their lawn turn green again. However, even with the best care, sometimes your lawn needs a little bit of help, especially when pests […]

How To Have A Beautiful Organic Lawn

  Every homeowner appreciates the esthetic value that a lush and green lawn brings to his or her home. Although keeping a neat, colorful, and healthy lawn takes time and effort. Chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used in the lawns might be harmful to your kids and pets. An organic lawn and garden may be […]