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Month: June 2015

How To Go Organic And Still Have A Beautiful Lawn

How To Go Organic And Still Have A Beautiful Lawn

Going organic is beginning to touch every part of our lives. No chemicals, no pesticides, no antibiotics, means foods that taste better, and with the newest studies, food is healthier too. Of course, we all know about organic food, but what about lawn care? Is it possible to bring that same type of organic know-how […]

4 Signs You’re Over Watering Your Plants

    Unfortunately, far too many people over water their lawns and landscape areas unintentionally with the hope of making them lush. This is due to lack of knowledge of the amount of water your plants and grass need to thrive. Over watering your plants makes them prone to damage by fungus, weeds, and disease.

Good Bugs for Your Garden and Yard

    There are many types of bugs, not all of them are bad for your yard. There are many good bugs for your garden. Good gardeners know the advantages of good bugs. Several insects, spiders and also invertebrates that are classified into the generic “bug” category can be useful in the garden. Read on […]

Smart Irrigation: Water Your Lawn By Satellite

  One of technology’s most innovative applications is smart irrigation. With droughts covering 28% of the Western and Southwestern US saving water and being more efficient when watering is mandatory.   Smart irrigation relies on satellite information and computers to control and optimize how you water your lawn. Smart irrigation is being used to water all […]