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Smart Irrigation: Water Your Lawn By Satellite


One of technology’s most innovative applications is smart irrigation. With droughts covering 28% of the Western and Southwestern US saving water and being more efficient when watering is mandatory.   Smart irrigation relies on satellite information and computers to control and optimize how you water your lawn.

Smart irrigation is being used to water all types of properties from commercial properties to private homes. The EPA has calculated that using an approved “smart” irrigation controller can save a home nearly 8,800 gallons of water a year. That’s a lot of water and quite a bit of monetary savings.

Benefits of Smart Irrigation

In today’s fast-paced world, most people do not have enough time to keep up with everything going on in their house and property. Getting an automatic sprinkler with smart irrigation system technology is a good choice. Many people today have elected to use smart irrigation water their lawns for several key benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Automatically adjusts watering times according to the weather
  • Uses satellite information for appropriate changes and adjustments in the length of watering time and the time of day
  • Reduces overall water consumption dramatically
  • Automatic sprinklers will use just the right amount of water
  • Your property appearance be maintained and improved
  • Your property value may potentially increase

Summertime seasonal water usage will be doubled without smart irrigation. There are several smart irrigation companies that dominate the market, such as HydroPoint WeatherTRAK and Rain Bird ESP-SMTe. Most landscaping companies who install smart irrigation systems use one of the two.

Smart irrigation computer systems have a variety of features. The irrigation systems rely on a computer (provided by your landscaping company). This computer is programmed to water your yard at certain times. With Smart irrigation, this computer is programmed remotely, and satellites are used to determine appropriate irrigation timing.

There is a line of communication between your smart irrigation computer system and the service provider. This two-way link sends information about the local weather and is used to optimize your watering time and volume. You will also find that an additional rain sensor device may be installed on your property.

Like most automatic sprinkler systems that exist today owners still set the computer by hand manually to begin operations. Your lawn will be automatically irrigated without any further manual programming. Landscaping companies that feature smart irrigation technology are on the cutting-edge in the field.

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