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Month: August 2015

Tips for Pruning Trees

Tips for Pruning Trees

You have trees of varying size and age. They’ll need pruning at some point to keep them healthy and to keep them the right size for the yard. Remove lower tree limbs to allow the trees to canopy, for visual appeal and improve views. How much do I prune? Rule of the thumb, never over prune! […]

5 Lovely Plants That Do Well in Indiana Winters

Every year there’s a danger of your plants becoming injured during the winter cold temperatures. Damage can be caused by overnight frost or prolonged periods of cold weather. You may experience a loss of early flowers to leaf burn or the death of the entire plant. Here are several plants that resist freezing cold weather and that are […]

Prepare Your Yard for Fall

  What you do in the fall will determine how lush your grass is the following year, whether your trees can survive a harsh winter, and how healthy all your plants are down the road. Most people think only of removing leaves in the fall, but there is far more to do at this time […]

Irrigation: What’s Best for Your Yard?

  Automatic sprinkler systems are a home improvement project worth investing in. When installed correctly the system will conveniently and efficiently water your lawn, conserve water and your money. Irrigation systems are easily adjusted to protect against over or under watering when weather conditions change. There are several types of irrigation systems to use based […]