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Irrigation: What’s Best for Your Yard?


Automatic sprinkler systems are a home improvement project worth investing in. When installed correctly the system will conveniently and efficiently water your lawn, conserve water and your money.

Irrigation systems are easily adjusted to protect against over or under watering when weather conditions change.

There are several types of irrigation systems to use based on the plants and area that requires watering.

Most homeowners with landscaped property end up using a mix of these systems. Take a look at what is available to start planning irrigation system.

Micro Spray Sprinklers:

This type of sprinkler is commonly used on grass. The sprinkler heads attach to an underground pipe system and pop up with the timer.

Micro spray sprinkler systems are mapped out according to the type of spray needed to cover your yard the most effectively.

Rotary Sprinklers:

Rotary Sprinklers are used similarly to micro spray sprinklers. However, they feature a sprinkler head that rotates in a circular motion to cover a larger area and offer a heavier spray for deeper watering.


Bubblers also pop up out of the ground but feature a sprinkler head that is larger and produces a heavier flow of water for significantly deeper watering.

These are best used near large plants that need a more focused soaking, such as large shrubs and trees.

Bubbler systems have become more efficient over time, and modern technology has made sure that the heads are not sensitive to water pressure discrepancies.


Drip systems are above ground networks of small tubes and emitters. This type of system is best used for focused watering in gardens and shrubs.

A drip irrigation system is very efficient and can place water directly on the soil or be buried to the depth of the plants root system.

An irrigation system is more than just sprinkler heads. The design of your system and the installation process require careful consideration.

Long before installation begins a design and plan should be mapped out based on your specific needs. An understanding of the type of plants being maintained, as well as coverage needed, are also vital for planning.

When considering your landscape and choosing what kind of irrigation system will best fit your needs, it’s important to work with a professional such as Beyond Landscaping.

So stop chasing dried grass with your garden hose and let a new irrigation system do the work for you. You will have healthier plants, greener grass, and more time to enjoy your yard with your family.