Beyond Landscaping


Month: May 2015

How to Use Mounds in Your Landscape Design

  If you’ve ever admired the rolling green hills of a local golf course, then you know the value of mounds in landscape design. They mimic the natural scenery of less cultivated areas while providing graceful, curving, structures that break up the monotony of a flat landscape design. However, there are some things to know […]

How to Create Compost and Fertilize Your Yard

    Stimulate plant growth and revitalize infertile soil by using compost you create. Composting is s practical fertilization method using recycled organic materials to enrich the soil of your yard or garden. Follow the steps below for how to create compost as a green alternative to chemical supplements.

Plants that Pop: Vibrant Plant Options for Your Landscape

Do you want a landscape that makes people say, “Wow!”? There are so many vibrant plant options. You can mix perennial plants that return every summer with annuals that put on a one-time show.

Creating an All Season Outdoor Room

  Have you been faced with the challenge of creating an all-season outdoor room? This article will answer all your questions. What is the intended use of the outdoor room? Where will it be located? How much will it cost? What is the approximate number of people it will accommodate? These are the questions to […]