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Creating an All Season Outdoor Room


Have you been faced with the challenge of creating an all-season outdoor room? This article will answer all your questions. What is the intended use of the outdoor room? Where will it be located? How much will it cost? What is the approximate number of people it will accommodate? These are the questions to ask yourself before you start building your outdoor room.

Location of the outdoor room

The room should be conveniently situated. It should be spacious and secure. Regardless of whether it is an outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining or simply a casual seating space it should be located close to the areas it will service. The location is determined by available space as well as the cost. Options are limitless here since you can easily convert a patio, pool area or porch into an outdoor room.

Materials to be used

The materials you use should be affordable, long lasting and beautiful. You don’t have to buy new materials if you have an option of refurbishing old material and giving them a new look. You can use an existing side wall to minimize on materials used or make use of hedges, outdoor draperies, and trellises. Remember to bring the ambience that’s needed for an outdoor room. You can never go wrong with going natural.

Surrounded by nature


The surrounding environment should be as therapeutic and as aesthetic as possible. Try incorporating glass walls, or transparent walls that allow one to appreciate the surrounding nature. You can use drought resistant plants that can withstand all seasons with little maintenance. Or use lush green plants to give a rich appeal. Climbing vines can be used to add sleek sophistication to the outdoor room. The key point is that the surrounding atmosphere should have a refreshing and sweet fragrance.

Lighting the room

The room should be well lit. You can use natural lighting, solar lighting or use of candles to create an ambient atmosphere. Available lighting options include; lanterns hanging from the ceiling, beautiful chandeliers, pendants or slatted patio roofs. Heating the room should be considered to accommodate all season use. You can go for a fireplace for a traditional feel or mounted heat lamps and fire heaters for the urban feel.

The type of furniture


Who said you must get new furniture for the outdoor room? You can use anything, old or new as long you give it a customized personal touch to suit the function. You can use your old chairs and repaint them. You can also throw in some comfy cushions and colorful pillows. Be as creative as possible. Don’t be shy with colors. Experiment! You’ll be surprised the effects color can bring out. The furniture fabric should be all weather and stain and mold resistant. Just for fun, throw in a hammock.

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