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Plants that Pop: Vibrant Plant Options for Your Landscape

Do you want a landscape that makes people say, “Wow!”? There are so many vibrant plant options. You can mix perennial plants that return every summer with annuals that put on a one-time show.

Perennials, please!

If you like the idea of beautiful plants that need little care but come back every year, then perennials are a good choice for you. It takes just a bit of planning and preparation to enjoy gorgeous flowers that don’t mind Indiana winters.

Daylilies are easy to grow even in tough conditions. The newest types come in different colors–yellow, orange, even blue. This flower has become a garden staple. It’s very winter hardy and has a long blooming season. Better still, it’s not bothered much by insects or diseases. You can even eat them! The Strawberry Candy variety is really striking.

Peonies are also easy to grow, almost carefree and deliver huge flowers. They get through harsh winters and aren’t troubled by many insects or diseases. It’s no wonder this is the State Flower of Indiana! These flowers come in a wonderful variety of colors.

Hardy New England Asters put on quite a show. They’re one of the brightest colored perennials. These plants are most commonly available with purple or pink flowers. You can make them the star of the Fall garden, plant Summer bloomers or both.

Avens delivers single or double flowers from late Spring through July. The showy blooms come in fiery red, orange, yellow and gold. This low maintenance plant is the perfect choice for containers. Check out the gorgeous Double Bloody Mary variety.

Perennial Garden Phlox is also very showy. It produces a slew of red, white, wine or purple flowers. You can plant Phlox that blooms in the Spring or other varieties that bloom in the Summer.

Take the time to think about how to mix it up with your design. Using perennials of different sizes, colors, and leaf textures will make your landscape unique and interesting.


Amazing Annuals

Sun-loving Nasturtium comes in red, orange and bright yellow. It blooms in mid-Summer and late Summer or early Fall. This plant also smells heavenly. If you like to take annuals inside for the winter, consider this plant. It makes a great houseplant if you give it a bit of extra light.

The Orange Porcupine Calendula is also a beauty. It has unique fringed petals and bright orange blooms. These flowers put on a show from early Summer through frost and are really easy to grow. Orange Porcupine is eye-catching, but the many other types of Calendula are also worth a look.

Calliopsis is also known as Coreopsis or Tickseed. It’s always an easy-care choice and a safe bet for any Indiana garden. You will most often see this plant with yellow flowers. But Mahogany Midget offers incredible red blooms that are worth a look. These flowers will draw butterflies. If you like cut fresh flowers to bring inside your house, Calliopsis is a great choice. They last a very long time when cut.

The Dahlia-flowered Zinnia delivers color that gets attention and grows up to 3 feet tall. You can choose from red-orange, bright yellow, maroon and white/cream varieties. Butterflies love Zinnia, and so do bees and birds. If you like flower arranging, this plant option is the perfect choice. It’s one of the best flowers for drying.

With just a bit of planning, you’re guaranteed to have everyone asking about your flowers and your gardening secrets. Beyond Landscaping can help with plant selection, landscape design and/or installation. Take a peek at our portfolio or request a free quote today!