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An Irrigation Update Can Save Thousands for A HOA

One of the largest chunks of the annual budget for most Homeowner’s Associations goes towards water bills that keep the landscape looking green and beautiful. But with increasing drought conditions all over the US and rising water costs, spending money on the irrigation systems can help save thousands of dollars each year.

Can Your Homeowners Association Save Big?

The first place to look when analyzing your water budget is the current irrigation system. With a few key changes to your old irrigation system, you can easily save big money.

Take a look at installing a smart controller system. This type of system works by calculating daily weather patterns, soil conditions, plant types, sun exposure and other conditions via computer. From there the Homeowner’s Association can make daily usage adjustments to have better control over their average water consumption.

Going Green Saves the Planet and Your Budget

In 2007, the City of San Diego began investigating the use of reclaimed water to help keep the city looking green and bright. After installing reclaimed meters and implementing the use of recycled water, they saw their overall consumption drop by nearly 40 percent in just one year time. Other communities that have implemented similar irrigation updates have seen similar usage numbers and have even been able to cut their costs in half.

Some HOA’s in Arizona, Texas, and California have made the switch to using reclaimed water in their irrigation system. and have saved on average anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 on their water bills each month. Many have been able to save several millions of gallons of water over the course of the year as well.

Reclaimed water irrigation systems can also do wonder to save your Homeowner’s Association from breaking the bank on the water budget. The use of recycled water to keep the landscapes lush and green is eco-friendly. What better way is there to keep your community greener while also using less water?

Update Your System Now

With the combination of a smart control system and reclaimed water, you can start to see changes in your HOA’s water usage and costs in no time.

The money saved with an irrigation update can be used elsewhere in the annual budget. Items that have been sitting on the HOA’s back burner can now be given more time, attention and funds. Make the changes to your irrigation system today to begin working on other important community projects.

You’ll not only be saving money on your water bills, but you will be making the a big contribution to the planet too.