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Hardscaping With Concrete — The Top 5 Concrete Finishes

Everyone wants their home or property to be beautiful and appealing. Concrete is a cost-effective, and beautiful option for walkways, patios, and walls.

A variety of concrete finishes with different textures can work magic for your yard. So what’s the best option? We’ll explore the top 5 concrete finishes for your yard or commercial space.

Concrete is a common and preferable hardscape option for many. It’s long lasting and cost-effective and you can choose from different options available; whether it’s colored, stained or decorated.

Even with a tight budget for a huge project, there are lots of choices you to choose from.

1. The Standard Gray Broom Finish

It has a non-slippery surface explaining why it’s the most preferred option for building driveways and sidewalks. Gray is the most common color for concrete.

The standard finish is plain, not elegant enough for someone who wants a feeling of luxury. This is the most cost effective concrete available, roughly between $3 to $6 per square foot.

We would recommend using this option where water is a concern and a slip-free surface is needed.

2. Exposed Aggregate

Small round stones are integrated into standard concrete to create an exposed aggregate. By brushing the concrete surface, the texture and colors of the pebbles are exposed making a striking and natural looking surface.

This finish costs more than the standard broom finish. The exposed aggregate finish can be combined with the colored concrete to perfectly complete your hardscape project.

3. Rock Salt

Adding rock salt to the concrete gives it a unique final texture, something similar to swiss cheese.

This concrete is taken through a two-step procedure that involves casting rock salt on the surface then washing and dissolving the salt to leave small holes on the surface.

This finish typically falls in the middle range of concrete costs.

4. Stamped Concrete Finish

A permanent pattern is created on the concrete stamping a textured, or rubber panels of varying sizes on newly poured concrete.

This concrete can add a 3D look to hardscape areas at a budget of $8.50-$10 a sq ft. This look is preferred for commercial plazas and patios. Using more than one stamping pattern or colored concrete account for the range in cost.

5. Colored Concrete

The colored concrete can work well with any concrete finish and especially well with stamped concrete. Color pigments are added to the concrete to bring a splash of color that won’t wear off to walkways.

The cost of this option is estimated at around $6.50 to $8 per sq. ft, which makes it a perfect add-in for any finish.

A Budget-Friendly Option for Every Manager and Property Owner

At Beyond Landscaping, we’ll help you select from a variety of options at pocket-friendly prices for a perfect hardscape that will boost your property’s value. This is the place for your landscape project.