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Low Maintenance Plants for Your Indiana Yard

Spring is the perfect time of year to start working on your home’s outdoor landscaping with our experienced design team. But before you invest your time and money into transforming your garden, you’ll need to find out which low maintenance plants will flourish. With a few quick tips and tricks, we can help you design the beautiful oasis in your yard that you and your family have always dreamed of.

Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Indiana Garden

Go Native with Beautiful Flowers

When it comes to choosing plants for your yard, local is the way to go. Because these plants are native to the Midwest, they are much more low-maintenance than plants that are imported from around the rest of the country.

Baptisia is a lovely, native flowering plant that comes in many different colors and shapes. The delicate flowers are perfect for lining a walkway or even surrounding a large bay window.

Echinacea Coneflower plants are another Midwest favorite that require little maintenance on your part. Traditionally found in shades of white and purple, these bright flowers are now being cultivated in new shades to add dramatic pops of color in yards all across Indiana.

Easy to Care for Trees and Shrubbery

Adding trees to your landscape can be tricky. Often, trees and shrubbery require lots of seasonal maintenance and pruning to keep them safe and healthy. But with a few key tips, you can add some much-needed greenery to your yard with the help of a few well-placed trees and shrubs.

The Winter King Hawthorn tree makes a great addition to any yard. This relatively small tree produces bright red fruit all through the winter and soft, white flowers in the spring. It will only require the occasional pruning by our professional team in the late winter to stay healthy year round.

Another great tree for Midwest yards is the Thornless Common Honeylocust. This small, slender tree is full of fern-like leaves that produce white flower tufts in the spring. Aside from a generous helping of sunshine and a bit of mulching after the first frost of winter, this great little tree won’t need much work from our team to stay happy and healthy.

Grand Grasses Make a Lasting Impression

For many homeowners as long as the grass is green it doesn’t need any additional thought or time put into it. But for the savvy gardener, grasses are an easy and economical way to create a unique landscape for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.

Ornamental grasses similar to the Elijah Blue Fescue or the Avalanche Feather Reed Grass are easy to plant and even easier to care for year round. After we plant the grass simply water them and let, mother nature do the rest. You can expect bright pink and white flowers on the Reed Grass and the Elijah Blue is known for its dusky gray and blue hues year round.

Create Your Perfect Yard Without the Extra Effort

All you need to create the yard of your dreams is a little bit of inspiration and free time. Have fun picking out the perfect low-maintenance plants for your landscape by getting the whole family involved in the process. Once you have the plants you like, our team of professional landscapers will handle the rest of the work.

Make your yard the perfect outdoor oasis for many years to come with these and other similar low-maintenance plants. Check out this Guide to Landscaping with Plants Native to Indiana