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What Goes into an Environmentally Sustainable Yard-

What Goes into an Environmentally Sustainable Yard?

In the fragile world we live in, the importance of gardening sustainably cannot be underrated. Gardening in your own backyard takes more effort than just watering the plants. Environmentally sustainable gardening practices are aimed at creating a conducive environment for plants through taking care of the soil, vegetation, air and water around those plants. The […]

How To Go Organic And Still Have A Beautiful Lawn

How To Go Organic And Still Have A Beautiful Lawn

Going organic is beginning to touch every part of our lives. No chemicals, no pesticides, no antibiotics, means foods that taste better, and with the newest studies, food is healthier too. Of course, we all know about organic food, but what about lawn care? Is it possible to bring that same type of organic know-how […]

Good Bugs for Your Garden and Yard

    There are many types of bugs, not all of them are bad for your yard. There are many good bugs for your garden. Good gardeners know the advantages of good bugs. Several insects, spiders and also invertebrates that are classified into the generic “bug” category can be useful in the garden. Read on […]

Solutions for Common Landscape Pest Control in Indiana

Having a great yard is a source of pride for many people. Hours can be spent in mowing, trimming and watering, and some people look forward to the spring just to see their lawn turn green again. However, even with the best care, sometimes your lawn needs a little bit of help, especially when pests […]