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Upscale Hardscape Landscape

Hardscape is the part of your landscape design that isn’t plants. Walkways, walls, driveways, patios, stonework, decks, and arbors would all be examples of hardscape. Upscale hardscape landscape materials turn a bland space into an art form. Since folks tend to relate stonework to castles and royalty, it makes a grand material to use in your landscape.

Gone are the days of solid cement walls and rough flooring. Outdoor spaces surrounding your home can be a private paradise, a point of entertainment and a place to relax and rejuvenate.

Rocks and concrete are only a part of the entire scene. Adding subtle lighting through thoughtfully-placed trees, shrubs and flowers adds a warmer, gentler feel to the overall landscape.



Believe it or not, the driveway may be your largest feature in the landscape. So why not make it the envy of all your neighbors? Paving stones, low walls, a winding drive and perhaps a classy gate revitalizes an otherwise potentially drab space.


custom stone patio


A sidewalk is merely a way to move from one point to another. A pathway takes you on a journey, regardless of the length; be it from the driveway to the patio, or on route to a forest. It is defined by the choice of stepping stones or resting benches. Perhaps you wish to position an arched bridge over a pond or garden.

The point is, the ideas are endless. If you can imagine it, the pathway can be created.


Create an outdoor room that blends with your home!



Today a patio may become an outdoor kitchen, where friends gather for a festive meal on a lovely evening. Using designs in concrete or tile gives a durable, yet beautiful floor that is easily cleaned. With the addition of a rock wall, a patchwork of geometric figures allows for a festive setting or squares of muted colors could offer a setting from classic times gone by.

In the outdoor kitchen, a barbecue, a hidden fridge, elegant tables and even a stove and oven give the cook not only a pleasant setting to create a great meal, but also gives guests a chance to interact while it’s being made. It also alleviates the need for a person to run from the kitchen to the patio with dishes and food.

For Private Contemplation


Don’t want to entertain on your patio? You may want a peaceful, quiet setting to shed the stress of the outside world. Add a fountain to lift your spirits and some miniature gardens made of stone and plants, combining for an overall feel of luxury, spaciousness and solitude.

Regardless of the purpose, the patio may be designed to appear to extend into the wilderness, should your home be in the country. Or, in a residential section, the patio may shield you from intrusions by the rest of the world.

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