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Hardscaping With Concrete — The Top 5 Concrete Finishes

Everyone wants their home or property to be beautiful and appealing. Concrete is a cost-effective, and beautiful option for walkways, patios, and walls. A variety of concrete finishes with different textures can work magic for your yard. So what’s the best option? We’ll explore the top 5 concrete finishes for your yard or commercial space.

Do You Need a Retaining Wall-1

Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

  You may have seen retaining walls around your neighborhood, but not noticed what they actually did for the landscape. The functionality of a retaining wall is subtle, but it’s also of vital importance. It provides a stable foundation for sloping grounds or hilly terrain that can sweep your house away over time due to […]

Paver Driveway Maintenance

The most attractive entrances to a home are paver driveways. They are made of brick and require little maintenance. If well tended, they last the life of a home. Paver driveways are bold, elegant and give a sense of class and distinction. As each pattern may be unique, no two are the same. These driveways […]

Upscale Hardscape Landscape

Hardscape is the part of your landscape design that isn’t plants. Walkways, walls, driveways, patios, stonework, decks, and arbors would all be examples of hardscape. Upscale hardscape landscape materials turn a bland space into an art form. Since folks tend to relate stonework to castles and royalty, it makes a grand material to use in […]

What is Hardscape Landscape?

Evolution in landscape design has been drastic over the last few years. Landscaping has transformed from just a lawn and flowers to a plant-based art that includes architectural aspects and elements such as glass, metal, concrete and many more. While hardscape may be a comparatively new form of terminology, the inspiration behind it is hardly […]