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Tips for Pruning Trees

Tips for Pruning Trees

You have trees of varying size and age. They’ll need pruning at some point to keep them healthy and to keep them the right size for the yard. Remove lower tree limbs to allow the trees to canopy, for visual appeal and improve views. How much do I prune? Rule of the thumb, never over prune! […]

Smart Irrigation: Water Your Lawn By Satellite

  One of technology’s most innovative applications is smart irrigation. With droughts covering 28% of the Western and Southwestern US saving water and being more efficient when watering is mandatory.   Smart irrigation relies on satellite information and computers to control and optimize how you water your lawn. Smart irrigation is being used to water all […]

How to Use Mounds in Your Landscape Design

  If you’ve ever admired the rolling green hills of a local golf course, then you know the value of mounds in landscape design. They mimic the natural scenery of less cultivated areas while providing graceful, curving, structures that break up the monotony of a flat landscape design. However, there are some things to know […]

Plants that Pop: Vibrant Plant Options for Your Landscape

Do you want a landscape that makes people say, “Wow!”? There are so many vibrant plant options. You can mix perennial plants that return every summer with annuals that put on a one-time show.

Don’t Damage Your Home with Your Landscape Design

Get Your Landscape Design Checked by a Professional For most people, living the American dream begins with purchasing a home. Your home represents the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and it acquires equity with every payment you make. You can accumulate equity faster by investing in home improvement. One of the fastest ways to increase […]

Paver Driveway Maintenance

The most attractive entrances to a home are paver driveways. They are made of brick and require little maintenance. If well tended, they last the life of a home. Paver driveways are bold, elegant and give a sense of class and distinction. As each pattern may be unique, no two are the same. These driveways […]

Low Maintenance Plants for Your Indiana Yard

Spring is the perfect time of year to start working on your home’s outdoor landscaping with our experienced design team. But before you invest your time and money into transforming your garden, you’ll need to find out which low maintenance plants will flourish. With a few quick tips and tricks, we can help you design […]

What is Hardscape Landscape?

Evolution in landscape design has been drastic over the last few years. Landscaping has transformed from just a lawn and flowers to a plant-based art that includes architectural aspects and elements such as glass, metal, concrete and many more. While hardscape may be a comparatively new form of terminology, the inspiration behind it is hardly […]

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Landscaper

Your yard should reflect your vision, but you may not know where to start. Hiring a landscaper is often the first step. Asking questions before you hire a contractor can give you an idea of what kind of person you will be working with, how they plan to carry out the plan, projected costs, and […]